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    Hi All,
    I am new to the Wagoneer world having recently purchased an 89 Grand Wagoneer. I find myself already needing advice, as I am admittedly ignorant in the mechanics.
    I have two problems, maybe related. I just noticed a ticking sound. It seems to occur when I'm on the highway and accelerating when I hear a ticking. Secondly, the oil pressure gauge has just started going to 0 then to 40 and back and forth. At times it appears normal, then it starts again. I have checked and the oil is not low. I have not noticed any correlation between the noise and the gauge.
    Any advice is welcomed.


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    i replaced the oil pressure sensor on my friends' '93 grand cherokee, that fixed our guage problem... the sensor cost about 40 bucks, its located right below the oil filter. as for the ticking, does it come from the drivetrain or engine... suspension, tires, etc?... happen when accelerating? idling? neutral?[addsig]

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    Thanks for the reply. I notice the ticking when on the highway and accelerating. At first I thought it was from one of the vents (fan?) but it seems more from the engine, maybe the rear right area (of the engine). When I hear it and lift up on the gas it declines, then when I accelerate I hear it again. It's hard to pinpoint as it is not a constant sound, but I have not experienced it idleing or at slower speeds.[addsig]

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    Sounds like you're hearing the ticking from a cracked exhaust manifold. I had a rythmatic ticking on acceleration from that area - none of the mechanics could pinpoint it. After the exhaust manifold was replaced though, the sound was gone. Unfortunately It has only been about a year and my new exhaust manifold has developed a crack :-O.

    -Nick [addsig]
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    could also be the fan clicking on the shroud, or the catalytic converter...[addsig]

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    On the Older "Big" Jeeps with the AMC 360 Engine, both the fluctuating oil pressure and the "ticking" sound are very common. The ticking sound comes from the passenger side exhaust manifold/pipe. These "Big" Jeeps made this ticking noise straight from the factory.

    The oil pressure sending unit is probably the problem with the oil pressure gauge. They are notrious for being faulty on older Jeeps.


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    one surefire way to see if the oil pressure sensor sending unit is BAD is if you unplug the wire off it and oil comes out. that means it is bad.[addsig]

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