1. How to deal with this cable on an XJ95 3" lift project

    Hi Everyone - My lift project is coming along. The front is done and I'm wrapping up the rear (I think!). But I have some cables that are too short and are keeping me from putting the axle back in place. I thought they were brake lines at first, but this is not the case. Perhaps they are ebrake lines? Here are some pics:


    Same thing applies to both real wheels.

    What's the method of dealing with this?

    Thank you!

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    Re: How to deal with this cable on an XJ95 3" lift project

    I read somewhere XJ cables and hoses can be replaced with longer YJ rear hoses and cables.

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    Re: How to deal with this cable on an XJ95 3" lift project

    As you thought, that's your e-brake cable. I didn't have the same problem on my 99 with a 3" lift so I can't give you first hand advice, but there are extended cables available if you search for them (I found one on Amazon for ~$45 but there may be better options).

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