1. Shock absorbers after lift kit install - 95XJ

    Hi all - I have a 95 XJ to which I recently added a 3" lift kit from Rough Country. I also added larger tires for a total lift of 4". My question is about shock absorbers. I put the new ones on that came with the lift kit and I notice that it now takes bumps in the road in a very jarring manner. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but isn't the entire point of shock absorbers that they... absorb shocks? And shouldn't the new ones with the lift kit work better, not worse than my old ones? I have higher clearance, but driving this baby on a rough road, it feels like something is going to fall off every time I hit a bump in the road. Even on the freeway, going over a bump or a bridge-to-road seam, is a concerning event. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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    Re: Shock absorbers after lift kit install - 95XJ

    Actually the springs and front control arm angle are the source of the jolt. The absorbers do aid in absorbing bumps and their main job is to dampen the springs motion. Softer shocks will soften the ride. Check OME shocks. People seem to like the ride.
    The springs are likely stiffer than old stock springs. And with a lift the control arms point toward the ground more so the shock travels up the arm directly to the frame.

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    Re: Shock absorbers after lift kit install - 95XJ

    put a control arm drop kit on it and it will ride like a Cadillac. my kids would fall asleep on drives in my 87 Cherokee with 6"
    99 xj with 350k miles on it. Still runs great

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