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    hey guys, just want to say any help would be appreciated here... I have a 94 XJ with 120k on it, I just bought new tires and had them installed, the jeep ran smooth for about a week or so, then I put wheel spacers on (I am lifting it soon), it still ran fine for another week or so and now it has a mild vibration around 55... i checked tire pressures and they are perfect, also it pulls to the right a little... im thinking its the balancing, but lemme know what you guys think.. thanks[addsig]

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    It could have thrown a wheel weight...[addsig]
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    Have your tires checked for balance 1st thing. If the problem persists, check the trac-arm mounts. You have a small crack in one of them. Damaged lower trac-arms can also cause vibrations. According to the manual, a poor alignment may also be the culprit. In several cases ( so I have heard) a vibration starting in 50 -60 mph range is the first symptom of the devasting Vibration of Death, wich leads to MAJOR front end rebuilding.

    On the brighter side..... you really did want to upgrade the steering etc. Didn't you?[addsig]

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