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    (1995 Jeep ZJ 4.0) Has anyone had a problem with the screws on the door panels stripping out really easy? I have installed new speakers and windows switches ect. over the past few months and at least one or two of the screws have stripped out each time I do this and the only thing you can do is use a bigger screw and as you can see this will cause me trouble in the future. Anyone have a solution??? Some of them actually screw into a plastic piece can you buy the piece? Any advise or product I can use next time I have this problem? Thanks for you Help!

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    If it strips out just go to a bigger screw....
    NEED A TRANNY FOR A 1988 YJ 4.2.....HELP

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    The bolts will do that , but those little plastic anchors they use that break any time to try to remove the door panels are a pain too .

    Could you maybe wedge or glue a nut into the plastic pieces, then use a bolt instead of a screw?

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  4. Not really ZJ specific, but I´ve replaced many of the plastic anchors/threads with metal clips designed to slid over the sheet metal, I keep three different sizes. They are available at a auto body supply stores, as are a variety of fasteners. They only really work near an edge. I´ve also used aluminum pop rivets and medium large washers. The pop rivets are often easier to drill out, than it is to remove a screw. When I´ve striped a plastic fastener, I´ve had reasonably good luck with greasing the screw and putting a little super glue in the threads, tighten very lightly. Using a larger screw in the plastic anchors often shatters the anchor.

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