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    Hey does anyone know where the brake lamp switch is located on an 88 xj.

    I just had the rear brakes replaced and now the brake lamps don't work. I noticed something odd before I brought it to the shop though...the lamps would come intermittantly while I was pushing the brake pedal, about half way down they would go off and the come back on. So, I think its the switch, i'm not sure. If anyone has a better explaination it would be appreciated.


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    If you look about halfway up on the brake pedal lever, you'll see a switch with two wireing plugs (4 wires) mounted to the lever. One of these is plugs is for cruise control, the other is for brake lights. Try wiggiling the plugs, they can become loose or corroded. If that doesn't work unscrew the switch and replace

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    thanks nick

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