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    While the engine is running the dash "check gages" light will come on and the charging gage drops to zero. If you shut off the engine and try to restart the vehicle, sometimes the engine restarts, the charging gage and everything operates normally. Sometimes the engine turns over but does not start. After setting for a peroid of time the engine will start. This problem can occur while driving the vehicle or while it's parked and running. It occurs at irregular intervals. I have replaced the alternator and battery. The dealer tells me the computer is not setting any codes. According to thier diag. computer the voltage regulator in the computer is operating correctly. The Jepp mechanic could not explain the problem even though it occured while they were working on the vehilce. I have checked for loose connections and inspected the cables. I cannot find a reason for this problem. I tried writing Jeep but was told thier company policy does not allow them to give diagnostic adivce. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!![addsig]

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    Intermittant electrical problems will drive a sane person insane. Even the best auto electricians can loose hair trying to find one. IĀ“ve found to many crazy things, to even begin to offer advice on this one. It really sounds like a loose connector or contact. Or even a dirty connector or contact. If the vehicle isnĀ“t under warranty, IĀ“d find an electrician with lots of patience, that works for less than the shop. They are always easier to find when they guit all together. IĀ“ve found crushed or wires broken under the insulation that will give these symptoms.[addsig]

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    my old civic did this before i diagnosed it as the alternator was worn/shot... it worked intermittently for a while, but then it just died. check to see that the alternator is working by testing the voltage of the battery before starting it... then start the car and check the voltage again... the voltage should increase when the car is running if the alternator is working properly...[addsig]

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