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    my keyless entry has never worked since i got my car a year ago. its a 93 grand cherokee. it has that little black ball on the dome light fixture. the remotes work (i think) we replaced the batteries in them, and the lighh goes on, but the car doesnt recieve the signal i guess. i tried configuring them or whatever you call it, that woudlnt even work. what coudl be the problem? thanks.

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    Please try changing a battery. This usually helps.
    You can purchase a battery from our website. We offer free shipping for batteries.
    Please click on this link below to select the proper battery for your remote.

    If you changed the battery and the remote still does not work, most likely you need a new remote. You can purchase a brand new or used good condition (B-stock) remote on our website. All remotes come with a 90 day money back policy. Please click on this link to our website below

    You can also view our FAQ page for answers to common questions. Link below

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    Re: keyless entry problems

    First off, the dome on the headliner is an intrusion sensor. if you have installed a new battery on the RKE and still don't work its more likely that the remote to the module has lost its pair signal so to speak. if you have a dealership close by have them program the RKE . The DRB3 is required for this job.

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