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    Here you are folks, the link for all these manuals:

    -00 XJ (interactive! - very helpful)
    -93 XJ (pretty decent, missing parts)
    -88 XJ (pretty good, helpful, seems complete)
    -87-90 Fuel Injection System
    -AW4 Trans Manual

    You will need adobe acrobat, or some decent .pdf file viewer to look at these files. (Adobe is FREE)

    any questions, post a response and i'll get back to you.

    hope that helps!

    PS. just for curiosity's sake, raise your hand if you downloaded from that site...

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    Suprised you are't handing out GEO manuals these days ;-)
    On a long enough time-line,
    The survival rate for everyone
    Drops to Zero!

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    Quote Originally Posted by L33TJ33P
    Suprised you are't handing out GEO manuals these days ;-)
    i tried, but the cost of a manual for a geo exceeds the value of the car, so not many people wanted them.

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    I really want the '00 XJ... But the page won't load. Whats the deal?


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    Nevermind, I got it. This looks great! Thanks Dingus, I owe you! Any idea where I could find something this comprehensive for the CJ?

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    yeah, if that server is ever down, its because its on a DSL line, its not a real web server:

    ** Be nice to the web server guys! Shes just running on a 256/640 DSL. Thanks! **

    i wish i knew of something for the CJ's but i'm lost in that regard, sorry...

  7. hi sir i tried to print off the manuals but it kept canseling out timber thank,s

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    did they download correctly? save them to your computers' hard drive and then print them.

  9. :) when i click on them the page comes up action canseled timber

  10. here is my email timber

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    *shrugs*... it works for me, i just tried it again...

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    "The only time you have too much gas is when your on fire."

    '97 Stock Cherokee
    '92 Lifted Cherokee
    '78 cj5
    '73 cj5

  13. is this down for good? I made it to 98.7% and then it quit.

    thanks dingus!

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    Keep trying. I had to try several times, but I finally got it. Hopefully I won't need it, but now I am armed just in case.

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    i also have all the files saved on my computer. if anyone really wants one but can't download it from there, let me know... and i'll move it to a better server!

  16. Ok, I'll keep trying but it looks like the server is down (or gone). I was trying to grab the '00 manual.

    thanks again dingus.

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    yeah, its down for me right now too... try again later, if not... i'll find a new place to host them...

  18. You rock dingus!

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    ok everyone, i moved the files onto an actual web server... the new address is:
    (Look in the Downloads Section)

    i tested the download speed, i was getting around 225k/sec with a cable modem...

  20. Is the new one down too?

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