1. I have never been so frustrated with a vehicle. I love my jeep. I love jeeps. WE have 2. A 1982 CJ7 as well as the 96 Grand Cherokee.
    However, we have had alot of problems with our 96. A few months ago my jeep started dying on us. We could be on the highway either accelerating or having to slow a little and it would just dye. The RPM would go crazy. Going up and down on the gauge. We took it to a local 4x4 place and ask them to tell us what is wrong. We went to pick it up and they charged us $311 to tell us we needed to get a new fuel pump. All they had replaced was a $25 part (the fuel pump). We stewed over the fuel pump prospect and owing another $600-$1000 above the $311. Which was what we were quoted. However we looked through our book about our jeep and found that it wouldn't be that hard to replace ourselves. So we ordered a fuel pump for $200. Put it in and it did the same thing still. WE took the jeep to an auto parts place and asked them to check the codes. Which it said Camshaft sensor. WE then ordered one. Before it came in we checked the codes again and this time it said that we were running lean. Which meant Oxygen sensor. Which we replaced. Still didn't change what the vehicle was doing. Because the jeep was also not starting up quickly we put in a new ignition coil. Still no change. We then finally have put in the camshaft sensor.
    NOTHING! HELP! I don't know what to do. A jeep place tells us it's one thing. We replace it. The codes say it's other things. We replace them. Nothing helps. However my husband does say it still sounds like the fuel pump is not turning on from time to time when it dies and we try to turn the jeep back on.
    Has anyone had similar problems or know what it could be. WE really cannot afford to purchase anymore parts. I just want to fix my jeep and enjoy it. OUr 1982 CJ never gave us this many problems.

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    Chop out the Cat Converter.
    On a long enough time-line,
    The survival rate for everyone
    Drops to Zero!


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    I'd have to kindly disagree with the suggestion to remove the Catalytic converter. It was put there for several GOOD reasons. It wouldn't be there otherwise.

    Read the PM I sent you earlier, I hope it will be of some help.

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  4. I had the same prob with my '97 XJ. Took it to the dealer and they claimed they fixed it ( 3 times). What had happend was whomever had the Jeep prior to me used a lot of fuel injector cleaner and destroyed the injectors. Also the mechanic pulled the gas tank and and drained it only to find an inch and a half of "sludge" in the bottom. Cleaned it.
    They got tired of me bringing the Jeep in so they decided to replace the whole damn fuel system. Now it's all good, but prior to this i had all the same symptoms as you mentioned. Good Luck !!

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    i have not had a problem

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    i need a a/c compressor mount

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