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    is there a way to make it, so when my automatic headligths go on, my foglights turn on with them? i allways put my fogs on when i drive becasue i can see more, but its annoying to have to turn the knob all teh time. anybody?

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    Please Clarify. Are you saying that you have headlamps that turn on automatically when the ambient light level drops below a certain point? Or what?

    The ultimate answer is YES, as anything is possible

    You can always trigger the fog lamp relay from one of the headlamp sockets, thus the foglamp relay will turn on the fog lamps Whenever the headlamps are on. The one thing you cannot do is attempt to power the fog lamps directly from the headlamp circuit, as the stock wiring is too small.

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    yes, i ahve automatical headlights that turn on when it gets dark.

    i want the foglights to turn on with teh headlights. is there an easy way? hell, is there a way?

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    If you are familiar with relays at all it should be pretty simple in concept. You just need to hook the fogs up to a relay that is energized by the headlight circuit. A relay uses the juice from one circuit to turn on another. Thus you could hook it up so that whenever the headlights have power, the relay activates the fogs.

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