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    Red face nobu5

    2000 Jeep Wrangler 4.0

    The odometer light reads Nobu5. The Airbag light also goes on. Once yellow "check gauges" light came on.
    Then the speedometer and RPM dials go crazy.

    Then it goes back to normal. Happens every so often.
    Everything else seems fine.
    Should I worry?

    Wa. State

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    Re: nobu5


    Of course, I am totally and completely joking

    This is a very common problem with the XJ and TJ series. What your instrument cluster is telling you is "NO BUS". The interface from the instrument cluster to the computer and other systems in the Jeep is by a serial bus; the plugs are molded into the dashboard, the cluster pushes into these plugs (kind of like when you put a cordless phone back on it's charger base). The plugs are notorious for coming loose back there, causing a lack of communication to the instrument cluster, which makes it freak out.

    Jeez, that's what's wrong, now I'm trying to remember the fix for it. You want to make sure that the pins on the back of the cluster are clean, if I recall correctly, you twist them a tiny bit with a needlenose pliers so they will make better contact in the plug socket, I'm sure someone will come along and help me out here... Obviously, it's not good to not have an instrument cluster; no gauges or speedometer, but you are not harming any systems with this happening, so fear not...

    Incidentally, you have posted this in the Cherokee/Grand Cherokee forum...
    Welcome to Jeepz, as I said, someone will be along with a fix for this problem, I'm sure of it, it's been so very long since I last encountered it, I have forgotten what it was, but it's a very very very common problem...

    the feeling's forever...

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