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    Question 98 Cherokee Sport starting problems


    I am so lost and frustrated with my cherokee sport. It is a 4.0 '98. Here is what she is doing: First thing in the morning, she fires up fine. Run her to anywhere any length of time and turn her off...this is where it gets fun...and she will not start again! It used to take a few turns of the key or maybe 30 mins before she would kick on and now it takes 1.5-4 hours before she catches. She will turn over but not catch. Once she is on, she is ok (she stalled out on me once in 8 mths time)...but turn her off and it is sit and sweat 'till she has had a good laugh. I was told that "she is female and that is what you females do..."...lol ;0)

    I have changed the fuel pump relay...changed the fuel filters (going to change the pump also but it was not in stock)...Also tried the TDC sensor...all with no avail... I was hoping it was the fuel filter once I looked at it (it was hardly letting gas through), but it still does it's "I'm not going anywhere till I am good and ready."

    When she runs, the meter puts the fuel relay at 11 (ohms I think was what he tested but not sure) and when she dies it hikes up to 29 and then drops to 1.1...


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    Re: 98 Cherokee Sport starting problems

    It does sound fuel related. Running with a partially plugged fuel filter may have damaged the pump. When it heats up it may be shutting down. When it died was the fuel level low? The pump uses fuel to keep it cool (that's why they stuck it in the tank), so as long as it's running the flowing fuel will keep it cool, when you shut down the fuel is no longer flowing and the pump heats up enough to not work.

    If that doesn't work you need to see if it is getting spark when it won't run.

    What is a TDC sensor? Are you talking about the crank position sensor on the side of the bellhousing? If you are, that would be my next suggestion.

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    Re: 98 Cherokee Sport starting problems

    My '96 XJ did that to me and it turned out to be the pump. I replacd it and made the mistake of getting a rebuilt. 1 day after the warranty expired the 2nd pump died. It will crank, but won't start. I am now on the 3rd fuel pump, but this one has lasted well over a year. So much for rebuilt parts right. Check teh schrader valve on the fuel rail. If you push on it gas should squirt out with a little force. If it doesn't you can pretty much say the pump is shot.
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    Re: 98 Cherokee Sport starting problems

    Might be the ISA motor if it turns out not to be the pump. Will it turn over if you give it gas and then die when you let off?

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