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    front axle question

    i have yet another axle question. i see all kinds of ads from currie and other axles companeys that make dana 44's that will bolt into the front of tj's i have heard that the front suspension on TJ's and XJ's is identical. is this true? if so would i be able to buy an axle for a tj and bolt it into my 89 jeep xj?? i believe buying a new axle preassemble and the right width would be cheaper then buying a full width 44 and having it narrowed and haveing all the mounts welding on..

    ps thanks for all the help on this forum i am new at 4 wheeling i know more then alot 18 years olds do but i dont kno enough and im eager to get more knowledge thanks again

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    Re: front axle question

    yes, TJ and XJ front axles are interchangeable. Some of the XJ axles are high pinion, which give a little better driveshaft angle on a lifted vehicle. I wouldn't bother swapping a D30 for a D44. I don't think you really gain enough strength to justify the money. They will both withstand 33" tires, and both are marginal on 35s".

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    Re: front axle question

    The D30 is a decent axle for a lot of moderate wheelin, even better with chromoly axleshafts. The XJ axle has the advantage over the TJ axle in that the XJ is high pinion. Upgrade your shafts to Chromoly with 760 ujoints and you should be fine for moderate wheelin.

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    Re: front axle question

    Many XJs have front D-44s, the majority being in Chile and other countries in south america. If you are inclined to look, one can be had for a relatively low price.
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