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    I have a 1988 Jeep Cherokee with a Dana 35 axle. The rear brakes a joke. I want to convert the rear 10"x2" brake assembly to 11"x2". Some of the older Dodge mid-sized cars had 11"x2" brakes. I know ther must be a backing plate with the same bolt pattern that will bolt right up. I'm not interested in disc brake conversion. If any one has any idea's I would like to hear them. The last time I replaced the rear brakes I used some old Grey-Rock copper woven lining that I had and relined the shoes myself. This helped alot. The bad side is I only have 1 set of linning left. It's time to correct this problem and I think 11" brakes will solve the problem.

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    i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that its not worth it. rear brakes (in comparison) aren't nearly as important as front brakes. if you need more stopping power, there are a bunch different things i would do before upgrading the rear brake DRUMS:

    -bleed brakes

    -change rear brake shoes if they're worn (with new ones)

    -replace front rotors and pads with performance ones

    -check alignment (toe in, camber ,etc...)


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    I typically wore out two sets of fronts to one set of rears. And there arnĀ“t any speed limits around here. One thing you might look at, is the front brakes from a limited, I donĀ“t know for sure, if itĀ“s just in the export model or not, but they were some beefier.

    I had pretty good luck with Raybestos, semi-meatalic, riveted. Though the semi metalic did have tendancy to wear the drums a little.

    I donĀ“t know how much time you spend in the water, but a little sand in there, will wear out the brakes quick. I pulled the drums, dumped out the crud and hosed off the brakes and backing plates, after most every mud hole.[addsig]

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    I'm with Dingus, changing from 10" to 11" is not going to make a hill of beans difference in your stopping power. I would spend the time, effort, and money on another upgrade. [addsig]

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