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    1998 Grand Cherokee Stuck in 4wd

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and thought I would ask for some advice. I have a "new to me" 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (5.2L) that seems to run great. Got 17-18 mpg on the highway. Was running like a charm. I decided to take a trip with it pulling a lightweight scamp trailer (weighing about 1200 lbs loaded). My 4 cylinder toyota pulls it without any effect on the mileage. Anyhow, I started a trip with the Jeep and was only getting about 12 mpg. I could not figure out what the problem was. I went to take a tight turn and the Jeep seemed to hop along. You could tell it was engaged in 4wd. It's a quardatrac. I was told the trailer may be causing the 4wd to engage depending on how it was loaded. The trailer was removed and it won't seem to get out of 4wd. I've tried backing up, figure 8's and everything else suggested by other users. I'm able to shift into 4low and it works fine, then back to 4 high, but the light stays on and it stays in 4wd (even on pavement) The fluid level is fine but I will likely be changing it tomorrow. I'm used to the old style 4wd that only engaged when you told it to do so. Any suggestions??? Am I looking at a new transfer case in my future? Are there manual transfer cases that would work with this jeep? thanks!


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    Re: 1998 Grand Cherokee Stuck in 4wd

    Transfer case will not shift through 4X4 part time range (light remains on)1) Incomplete shift due to drivetrain torque load.1) Momentarily release the accelerator pedal to complete the shift.2) Incorrect tire pressure.2) Correct tire pressure as necessary.3) Excessive Tire wear.3) Correct tire condition as necessary.4) Excessive vehicle loading.4) Correct as necessary.
    Transfer case difficult to shift or will not shift into desired range.1) Transfer case shift linkage binding.1) Repair or replace linkage as necessary.2) Insufficient or incorrect lubricant.3) Drain and refill transfer case with the correct type and quantity of lubricant.3) Internal transfer case components binding, worn, or damaged.3) Repair or replace components as necessary.
    The NV242 is a full and part-time transfer case It provides full time 2-wheel, or 4-wheel drive operation.
    A differential in the transfer case is used to control torque transfer to the front and rear axles. A low range gear provides increased low speed torque capability for off road operation. The low range provides a 2.72:1 reduction ratio

    NV242 operating ranges are 2WD (2-wheel drive), 4x4 part-time, 4x4 full time, and 4 Lo.
    The 2WD and 4x4 full time ranges can be used at any time and on any road surface.
    The 4x4 part-time and 4 Lo ranges are for off road use only. The only time these ranges can be used on hard surface roads, is when the surface is covered with snow and ice.
    The NV249 is an on-demand 4-wheel drive transfer case with two operating ranges and a neutral position.
    Operating ranges are 4-high and 4-low. The 4-low range is used for extra pulling power in off-road situations.
    Engine torque is distributed to the front and rear axles through a viscous coupling. Nearly all the available engine torque is directed to the rear wheels during normal driving situations. when slippery conditions are encountered, the variable viscous directs torque to the front wheels as necessary. The NV249 low range is provided by a gear reduction system for increased low speed, off-road torque capability. This range is designed for temporary use only.
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    Re: 1998 Grand Cherokee Stuck in 4wd

    If your looking for a good fix, swap it out with a 231.

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    Re: 1998 Grand Cherokee Stuck in 4wd

    Welcome to the Z.

    I thought the Quadratrac was fulltime 4wd, I don't see it going into 2wd for you anytime soon.

    I've built many 231's to replace that transfer case, wouldn't be a bad option for you if it's mileage and reliability you want.

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