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    2001 Grand Cherokee AC Condensate Drain Cleaning

    I have been battling water on the passenger floor board for a few weeks and finally got it solved.

    First i followed internet advice and drilled a small hole on the inside to allow me to blow out the drain line. The internet said the drain went down into the frame but this is incorrect on this model. It protrudes about an inch beyond the engine side of the firewall. The hole drilling was a waste.

    Next I got a cooling system type hose that would fit over the part protruding into the engine compartment. This hose had a ninety degree bend which got the drain out of the airflow from the engine. This almost eliminated the problem.

    Finally the foam that sealed the drain where it went through the firewall, on vehicle interior, had broken down and was leaking. I dug it out and filled the gap with a plumbers sealant.

    I hope this helps anyone that is having a similar problem

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    Re: 2001 Grand Cherokee AC Condensate Drain Cleaning

    Nice writeup Gary, Thanks.
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