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    2006 Grand Cherokee PCM Issues

    Hello, I have a 2006 GC that I am having an issue with. I had it in the garage doing some brake work and putting a water pump on it, when I was done I got in it to start it, it started, ran for about 5 seconds and shutoff, I started it again and the same thing happened, the third time I got nothing, I had all my dash lights but it wouldn't turn over. I done a bunch of trouble shooting and kept coming back to the PCM. I found a used PCM and put in it and the exact same thing happened looking like I smoked another PCM. Any help n diagnosing this issue before I put another PCM in it would be greatly appreciated. possible over charging condition? Electrical short somewhere?

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    Re: 2006 Grand Cherokee PCM Issues

    keep original PCM!

    Scan and post ALL current codes.
    Tell us what troublehooting you did?
    Is the security ligh on or was It on?
    Will need to use a scanner, NOT key on off trick.

    PS Where was ign key during the work done?

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    2006 Grand Cherokee PCM Issues

    If you hold the gas pedal down a bit when starting, does it continue to run?
    Are all battery and grounds clean and tight? Including the engine ground?

    Overcharging is unlikely during startup.


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