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    Taking out leaf spring shackles

    Stock '96 XJ here and I'm in the middle of cranking out my leaf spring shackle bolts, for the first time, in 21 years. Intentions are to replace all 4 spring bushings and both shackles. So when I'm getting the rear of the leaf springs loose should I take out the upper shackle bolt first? Or should I take out the bottom bolt first, removing the leaf spring, leaving the shackle to come out last?. I remember reading somewhere it's better to do it in a certain order but I forgot why that was.

    BTW, the top shackle bolts seems like they might come out like the front leaf spring bolts...crank out about an inch and then stop, requiring a saw zaw. Any advice on any of these bolts appreciated. So far they're all turning ok.

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    Re: Taking out leaf spring shackles

    I don't know that there's any specific order. How's it coming along?

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    Re: Taking out leaf spring shackles

    SLOWLY is how it's coming. Although I did figure out how to get the shackles out by doing though. I've got a hitch installed which means the shackle to spring bolts (which were installed from the inside direction) won't slide all the way out after the nut is removed. So for leverage sake I'm loosening the lower shackle bolts first while everything is still on, then taking out the top shackle bolt. After the back half of the spring drops down I should be able to get the lower bolt out.
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