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    Radio and passenger door speaker question?

    2001 jeep Cherokee limited 4 door.

    My stock radio went out where it stopped playing and the time was stuck on 11:04am (when it happened) even when the jeep is off and the keys are out. The stuck clock stays on all day when jeep off. I have a new radio and kits coming from amazon and am going to have Best Buy install it. The new radio is a pioneer (single din) radio. Well there is one thing more I would like fixed and do not know if Best Buy would cover it in a new radio install. The front passenger side doors base speaker crackles a lot when its used. It still has sound, it does ok on voices but any effects it sounds bad. Some videos I have seen say it maybe the wires in the door not the speaker itself. I have always just had the speaker select nob (where you can say center, front, read, left or right speakers) set mostly to the left so I had forgotten about the bad sounding speaker.

    Is speaker checking done during new radio install or would that be extra? I am just wondering if I should have a new speaker ready for them to use? But then if I need a new one would I be better getting an older one the same make /model off say ebay or would Best Buy have one I could change to in their stock? I just do not know if I have to have matching speakers in both doors?

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    Re: Radio and passenger door speaker question?

    Speakers are cheap enough, I'd buy a pair for the front doors and have them ready at the time of the radio install. You'll appreciate the upgrade in sound quality.

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    Re: Radio and passenger door speaker question?

    The crackling may be a bad speaker. Broken cone or the glue on the edge of the cone dried out. If the speakers get wet, because of submersing in water or bad door seals, they will fail faster.

    Yes! Speakers are cheap. You could check out Crutchfield to see what speakers pair with your radio. You may consider replacing all speakers and wiring if budget allows.


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