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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission /abs problems

    Alright, so about a month ago I had an ABS light come on but because of a busy work schedule I had no time to take it apart to see what was going on. The jeep started feeling really sluggish, like I was having to accelerate more to get up to speed. Also, it kind of felt like when I let off the gas, the jeep would decelerate faster than it did before while coasting.

    However, last week all of a sudden while driving the tranny slipped and it was like I was in neutral. This was followed by the check engine light coming on. I pulled over and out it in park and then back into drive. It drove for a bit but felt like it wasnít shifting correctly and occasionally would still slip out of gear. I had the check engine light read and the code was for transmission control error and bad gear ratio. Not knowing much about transmissions I decided to take it to the local transmission shop.

    If course, right away they suggested a complete overhaul for 2500$ which I regrettably agreed to.

    Now today, while driving the car home from the shop it slipped once again and the jeep still feels sluggish and like itís having shifting problems. Iím going back to the shop tomorrow, however they told me that everything about the tranny is new.

    What am am I missing? Iím so mad at myself for spending 2500 on a transmission that I may have not even needed. Thanks for your help,


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    2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission /abs problems

    So are you sure the tranny is slipping? Is the engine revving like being in neutral when you step on the gas but you do not move or accelerate?

    Or are you stepping on the gas and the RPM is the same and you do not move or accelerate?

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