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    4.0l XJ starting problem

    Something has changed. I have two 4lit XJs and until recently they both started with the first flick of the key, winter or summer.
    Now one of them, the 1994 one, needs a lot more cranking than it used to, but it always starts. I have checked the usual things like plugs and distributor cap which seem OK. The check enging light is not on.
    Can anyone suggest what might be the cause and what else to look at.
    At the moment it is very hot with temps up to 35C (95F) but this has not been a problem before.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: 4.0l XJ starting problem

    Check timing. Check plugs and wires.

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    4.0l XJ starting problem

    Try this. Turn the key to the ON position but do not start. Wait 5 sec then turn the key off. Immediately turn the Key back on for 5 seconds then try to start. If the engine starts first time easily the cause is the check valve. The check valve is to keep the fuel from draining back into the tank. This is a common failure and could be lived with for some time without causing damage or fault. This valve is in the fuel pump and the pump would need to be changed to correct.


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