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    GEN light on w/ hesitation

    '96 XJ here and here lately I've had just a few instances where the truck hesitated to go just as I gave it some gas. Only been seeing this from dead stop or slight roll. Hesitates for a second or two then it gets going like normal.

    Did it again this morning and although I haven't been paying attention to the dash lights I noticed the GEN light was on just before I shut it off. It could've been on since the hesitation on start up, not really sure.

    Are these two things related and what does the GEN light mean? Check engine light isn't on and my reader doesn't show any codes right now. Put in a new alternator 3 years / 25k miles ago.

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    Re: GEN light on w/ hesitation

    Well, turned out to be the alternator. Had a hard time convincing myself that was it b/c the as my records showed it was only 2 yrs ago I put a new one on. The one that went bad 2 yrs ago was the original..lasted 20 years. At least the new ones in now and it's done. Lifetime warranty on it so this one was free, but am I gonna have to put one in every 2 years now? sheesh

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    Re: GEN light on w/ hesitation

    Got to question why the 2nd one went bad so your not stranded in 2 years.

    Is all electronics stock? Is the battery in good health and the correct CCA for the job. Even the alternator. Any high power accessories added? Big amp, high watt lights or radio...?

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