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    19 GC altitude or 01 GC Build

    Hey guys I was just fishing around because I canít seem to find an answer. There is so little information about the new 2019 grand Cherokee altitude online. So basically I was thinking about doing rough countryís 2.5 in lift and getting a wheel with 5.75 back spacing and putting on a 33 x 11.50 or keeping the original wheels and putting a stock size (265 50 20) nitto grappler. But the more I read the more it sounds doing any cheap lift or any fussing with the suspension on a 40 thousand dollar car may just be stupid. Has anyone done this lift and what do yíall think about it and second should I just not waste my time I have a 01 grand Cherokee in my drive way Iíve been thinking about building into a desert capable car. I could use the money I was going to put in my new car to the old car. The issue tho is it has 160k miles and donít know how much longer the engine will last and putting 8k into that car and then it dying is my fear? Does anyone have any recommendations on that?

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    Re: 19 GC altitude or 01 GC Build

    Engines along with most other parts of a jeep [or any vehicle] can be rebuilt. Personally I'd rather take an older jeep off road than a brand new one.

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