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    Looking to buy a used Jeep, need some advice

    Hello everyone, I just found out today that my Subaru forester of two years just blew the head gasket and needs a new engine. That being said I am looking to get a used jeep for a replacement vehicle because $6500 doesn't just fall out of the sky for repairs! I have three that I will post here with pictures and I would like some suggestions to which jeep is best for the money. I know its hard to tell about certain aspects of a vehicle by just one picture and a description, but do the best you can with the information that is available! I appreciate the advice everyone!
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    Looking to buy a used Jeep, need some advice

    As with any vehicle. Crawl in it under it and through it. Rust, wear, modifications. Running smooth? Drive it let it heat up. Check codes...

    Car fax! Know if it was reconditioned, retitled or on a flood list.

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    Re: Looking to buy a used Jeep, need some advice

    If you're planning on going offroad then the XJ (jeep Cherokee) is a better platform than the Grand Cherokee.

    At this price point it's really just a gamble. I'd go and check out that 2000 Grand - it looks nice, even though it's got a ton of miles. Makes me think they took care of it.

    Like JPNinPA said, wear some clothes you don't mind getting dirty, or bring a towel and actually get on the ground and look underneath. Rust is one of the top concerns.
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