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    05 liberty left rear door wonít open

    Hello everyone Iím new here and hope to get some help. Iím buying a 05 liberty for my grandsons 16th birthday but I havenít got it yet but the left rear door wonít open and the same door the window track is broken. Does anyone know if the broken track makes the door not open and how do I get the door open. Thanks

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    Re: 05 liberty left rear door wonít open

    I don't know the liberty specifically, but in general, there is a linkage between the door lock and the door handle. It's possible that the window has come off it's track, and wedged itself in such a way that you can't unlock the door. Are you unable to unlock the door (manually) and feel it work, or is it stuck?

    If it was mine, I would probably end up taking the cover off the door that does open, and study how it works, trying to find a way to unlock the door that is stuck. This could be challenging to get that door open if it's locked and the lock is broken, but it's just one of those things where enough time and wire coat hangers should get it open.
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    05 liberty left rear door wonít open

    This only gets you 1/2 way. I don’t consider this a fix.

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    Re: 05 liberty left rear door wonít open

    My stepson used to have a 2002 Liberty. Over time both rear window tracks got stripped [cheap design] which allowed the window to sag down. He didn't have the money to fix it properly so I fashioned a scotch to hold the window up [he rarely had back seat passengers] It never did interfere with the door opening/closing. It's possible some one did something similar but either the track [which holds the glass up] or whatever it was propped up with has gotten in the way.

    It's not a big deal to remove the inside door latch and panel to get a look see.

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