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    Today my 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport "Check Engine Light" came on. I am going to get my oil changed tommorow to hopefully relieve the problem. Before I go to the mechanic I don't want to look like a stupid girl and get jacked for not knowing whats going on with my Jeep. Could someone out there know a possible list of problems that could cause this.




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    Your oil should only trigger the Check Eng if the pressure is down or too hot. I will assume that you don't have any major leaks after it has sat for awhile. As long as your gauges are reading okay, not running too hot or your oil pressure isn't dropping below 20-25 it may be the O2 sensor.

    You may want to just go ahead and change your oil, air filter, and fuel filter. Check you plugs to see if maybe they are messed up (if it isn't missing that probubly isn't the problem). Dissconect the battery for a couple of minutes and let the computer reset. Do this with the keys OUT of the ignition. Fire it up and see if the light comes back on.

    If it does, ask around for a reliable shop to run a diagnostic on it and find out what is the first error code. Often times if one thing fails it will cause a domino effect, leading to other sensors to fail. This is a cheaper method of fixing the problem. Otherwise you may end up buying parts that did not need to be replaced.

    I have a 96 GMC pickup that started up, but stalled out right afterward. I replaced the fuel filter, throttle postion sensor, fuel pump (had to remove the bed to do it), and almost dropped $300 when a hand held scanner showed a bad Mass Air Meter. My dad came over to my house and pointed out that the trouble started when I put the K&N on. I put my old filter back on (also a K&N, just not as big and fancy), then disscontected the battery. Once I reconnected the battery it fired right up like nothing had even happened.[addsig]

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