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    Sorry, 3 pages, I was getting lost.

    I have a 89 Cher. I just pulled a uhaul from San Diego to San Fran.
    At the start of the grape vine(LA) the engine overheated. Let it cool, then started again, again it just let loose from the reservoir tank. Finally I had it towed to a shop. They said I didn't even have a thermostat in the Jeep, the previous owner must have taken it out. They ,the shop, cleaned and bored the radiator and replaced the thermo with a new one. I flew back down and got the Jeep, and drove it to San Fran. @ days later I stop the car and hear that bubbling sound, the reservoir is blowing steam again. But when it cools, the coolant flows back into the engine, like it is supposed to, on the way up when it overheated, it didn't meaning it wasn't even cycling though the engine. Well now with a clean radiator and a actual thermostat in, it overheats everytime I drive. But the gauge inside doesn't show anything but normal, the gague climbs to center and hovers even though the Jeep is blowing coolant everywhere!

    What can I do, and how do I take out the thermostat, if I drove it for 2 years without one, maybe I do not need one? What do you think?

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    There is a possibility that the engine is infact NOT overheating. I have heard of coolant reservoir caps becomming faulty and failing to hold pressure. When the system runs and builds pressure, the bad cap wouldn't hold the pressure. It is good though that you had a thermostat put back in there.

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    The way the cooling system works is that it need pressure to keep cool. The fact that the coolant is pressurized it will take longer to boil. I would try replacing the cap, and see what that does.
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    my friend has a 70's cherokee(full size jeep), and he just put in a bigger radiator.. that seems to work....

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    Check you fan clutch! tug

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