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    This is just a heads up, but... I somehow ended up at my local autozone yesturday to pick up some primer and I was shooting the Sh#t with the one-toothed wonder behind the counter about my YJ. (apparently he had a 96 CJ with the V6 option, don't really know cause I didn't really listen) but... I was telling him how I used a York 210 out of a volvo that I picked up for cheap money and had it rebuilt for $20 etc... well he gets into the computer;

    Autozone sells York 210 compressor, completely re-manufactured with the electric clutch for $75. It is for V belt, but this guy says he can get the Serpintine pully too.

    If your planning a OBA set-up I figured I would tell ya whats up!
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    need black seats for my CJ7 (Ohio)

    96 cj ? There making the cj again, Shi* there goes my resale value.

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    Most folks know the SWB jeep as a CJ. Common actually. Now the 96 part has me a little concerend
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    The V6 part of the story doesn't sound right either...

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    if a person is enough into jeeps to know how to make an onboard air setup... you just don't BS them when they come in for parts
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    I am just going to let out a guess that he said it was a 96 CJ because he might have built it with all new parts in 96. He might also have put the GM 4.3l vortec v6 in it. I don't know but its possible.
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