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    Just got back from the pawn shop and bought a CB radio. the recent owner rigged it up so that it would plug into the lighter outlet. I'm going to be mounting it in an ammo box console and I don't really want to have the wire sticking out and going into the socket. How can I wire it to my Jeep's electical system (like the head unit)? Is there any way I can make it so that the CB plays over the speakers? I want it so that if i'm listening to my stereo and I want to use my CB that the speakers switch to the CB (kinda like at Jewel when someone pages a clean-up on aisle 7 lol). Thanks -Mike [addsig]

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    Just cut off the leads going into the lighter adapter Red will be to a hot and black to a ground I would put an inline fuse and run to an unswitched hot so you can use the CB with out the key, Just in case you loose the keys in the woods or else where. There is a speaker jack in the back of the CB as well as a PA jack. Go to a CB Shop or Truck Stop and get yourself a Cobra External Speaker mount it on the rool bar behind the drivers head so you can hear the thing over the road noise. You can also get one with talk back for about 9 or 10 bucks new. Get you coax cable from a CB shop ready built for less than 10 bucks and a good K40 antena. If you go to a CB shop the guy there will be a world of help and will set you swr or Standard Wave for you so it will talk and listen like it was designed. CB tech are very friendly and eager to help and work very cheap. Hope that this helps! Tug[addsig]

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