well guys i recently posted a question about my 90 yj with the idle problems well ive recemntly read the article on stroking the 4 l wow ,but oh yah im stuck with the carbureates 258 then i see nthe article http://www.rockcrawler.com/techrepor...swap/index.htm on the 4l swap even nicer i have a 67 comaro rs currently with a 350 and am buildind a big block 427 for it hmmm jeep with a 427 no thats to much but i got some time off work i just recently left the army after 17 years and now work on airforce helicopter hmm jet turbine .In my jeep nah too much again butt i am now on the hunt for the 4 l looks like a cherokee uis the best bet for a donor well a whole week off a few beers i think it shall be done /hey maybe rome was built in a day