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    Question Igition woes

    I have a 92 4.0 in my 80 CJ7 and it has been great for almost 9 years now. Just recently it has been running poorly. It has started to hesitate under acceleration until I reach 2000 RPM's. My buddy scanned it and it only showed the speed sensor which has never been hooked up. He said that the #2 cylinder was not firing. The injectors are working properly. I reinstalled my original wires( removing the Jacob's) and it did not help. I have new plugs, cap & rotor. Anyone have any ideas? Don't want to do any unneccessary wholesale replacement of parts.

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    Re: Igition woes

    My guess would be a throttle position sensor.

    How'd your buddy know the #2 cyl. wasn't firing?

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