Thread: seat covers?

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    seat covers?

    has any one heard of these seat covers. they are from seat glovers and they are neoprene. i found them on ebay and i was wondering if any one seen these covers installed. i want a tite seat cover because my seats are getting in ruff shape. thanks

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    Re: seat covers?

    I'm a fan of wet okole seat covers myself. They are the same stuff (neoprene). I love them, but I've heard others call them seat sweaters and say that they are hot - personal preference I suppose.
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    Re: seat covers?

    Since getting some 'no name' neoprene covers as a test, I've been searching for neoprene seat covers to fit my Corbeau A4's without tearing out.
    After several calls to Wet Okole (amongst others) can give me a straight answer if they'll fit. It's always, "they'll fit stock seats" Corbeau has seat covers, but not neoprene.
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