Thread: Fan problems

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    Fan problems

    I have just over a hundred thousand miles on my 03 rubicon, and the dash switch,and-or the fan is having problems. The fan only works on High, so I assumed it was the switch, but today the fan started to make noise so I assume it must be both.

    Any recomendations on how to fix, and where to get parts?

    Also I lost the nuts that go on the bolts on my doors, Replacment ones?


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    Re: Fan problems

    what fan do you have and how is it wired.. stock rubi should not have a dash mounted fan switch
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    Re: Fan problems

    I think he's speaking of the HVAC fan switch, and it's likely a bad resistor behind the glove box.

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    Re: Fan problems

    X2, bad resistor for only blowing on high. Bad blower motor for the noise.
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