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    First off I'd like some recommendations on the best type of bedliner to coat my floorboards with. I'm really tired of my carpet getting soaked when it rains and I'm looking to bedline the whole interior! Would love some ideas on the best DIY spray gun and liner to use!

    Second, im looking for a new unique fender flare. I really like the metal cloak design and if anyone knows of some other less known flares that perform well id really appreciate feedback!

    Also looking for a good snorkel, long arm lift, low profile skid plate, exhaust, rear tire carrier, and rocker guards!

    If anyone has any of these for sale or reviews on some of these mods I'd love to hear!

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    Re: Looking to add some new mods to my Lj.

    Low profile skid (both transfer case and engine) I'd recommend Under Cover Fab:
    Under Cover Fabworks, LLC - UCF Deep-Cover Skid Plate System

    As to rear tire carrier, I went with this (and am very happy):
    TJ/LJ Exogate™ Tailgate Kit

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