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    Air conditioning

    My 1999 jeep wrangler seems to be low on freon. I hear the compressor kicking in but there is vey little cold coming out of the vent. Any suggestions. Do I need to put in more freon and if so what kind of freon do I need.

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    Re: Air conditioning

    1999 does not use Freon its Suva R134a.
    All AC checks will need a set of gauges and high and low side readings taken.

    I know it sounds anal but do not want someone sending an old can of freon r12 from their garage into system.

    There are no codes.
    Will the AC compressor engage - will it stay on or cycle on off?
    Do you have AC gauges both HIGH and LOW side?

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    Air conditioning

    EDIT: Check that your blend door is w or king properly. A blend door stuck open takes outside air through the heat and AC. When it closes you cycle internal air. end edit.

    Funny I was reading this on the ride home cause the AC in the car I was in wasnt blowing really cold.
    Important if you filling.. There is a leak. The gas doesn't go bad, ware out or evaporate from a sealed system. It might be best to get some leak dye in there so when you do get it fixed you know where all the leaks are.



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    Re: Air conditioning

    I was having the same problem, and I ended up picking up a set of gauges from Harbor Freight. It's not too expensive, and you can tell how much you're putting in (you don't want to over pressurize the system).

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