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    Question Lift Kit Help Please.

    Hello Everyone,
    So I am new to the whole Jeep crew, and I own a JK Rubicon Hard Rock with a 4.10 axle ratio. I want to get a lift and I was wondering if I can get some input on what brand, type, etc. I was about a 3.5-4" lift. But I dont know the difference within them. Long arm, Short arm, and so on. I also dont want to touch anything excessive. I want something that I can fit 35" tires comfortably, be able to go off-roading, climb decent rocks if needs be, and not have to touch my fenders or anything in that matter. I would appreciate some input and thank you!

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    Re: Lift Kit Help Please.

    If you plan on major rock crawling at least a 3.5 inch lift and long arms. Front sway bar disconnects. Proper bump stops and longer brake lines.

    If you plan on medium build a 2.5 inch stock arms. Sway bar disconnects and longer brake lines.

    If you plan mild crawling like un maintenance fire roads or washed out creek beds than stock will go far. I'd get sway bar disconnects and maybe extended brake lines but I'm not real sure they are needed on stock.

    And as above pointing out adjustable track bar front and back.

    Quadratec.com use to have a build page listing most options. They also hyped bumpers and extras but most components you need to change are listed. And there are many suppliers.

    Just my 2c


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