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    Clutch or transmission symptoms?

    Hello again, the Jeep is a 99 TJ 4.0 I6 with 150k miles on it.

    I've been having what I believed were clutch issues but after talking to a fellow armchair mechanic he was concerned it might be transmission related. Here are the symptoms:

    The clutch pedal must be fully depressed to the floor to shift into first. Each following gear becomes easier as you go up. It feels as though there is a spring loaded gate when you try to push the shifter into gear, at 1 or 2 the "gate" is harder to push open. There is a distinct click sound when you engage the gear but no clicking at all once it's fully engaged. There is a grind when trying to go into reverse. I haven't noticed any slippage but the engine does seem to be working harder to get up to the expected speed.


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    Clutch or transmission symptoms?

    Have you ever adjusted the clutch? How is the clutch fluid or the transmission fluid?

    Your syncros may be shot but I'd check the above first.

    This isn't a body lift issue with limited shifter throw or linkage binding?


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    Re: Clutch or transmission symptoms?

    I would look to see if you are loosing fluid both at the slave and master cylinder. Look to see if you have fluid under the dash by the clutch. Try bleeding the clutch just make Shure you put the correct fluid in

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    Re: Clutch or transmission symptoms?

    There is no adjustment to the clutch.

    Check the fluid in the clutch slave.

    Drain and inspect the gear oil in the transmission, look for brass glitter.

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    Re: Clutch or transmission symptoms?

    my 94 yj has a sealed hydrolic clutch release unit. is there any way to replace it with a refillable unit or total conversion to mechanical system? vin

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