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    JK snorkel thoughts?

    I know there is a crap ton of arguments going back and forth about snorkels... I toss up boat loads of ideas in my head everyday of what I want to do to my Jeep. And itís usually forums like this that convince me yeah or give me valid points why not to. What are some thoughts on snorkels? Do you go with the Aev style hood one or a modular kit like rugged ridge sells out the hood cowl?

    I personally like the look of them but havenít grown my balls enough to cut the hood of my 2014 rubicon yet...

    I can see the possibility of functionality if you move your axle and transfer case breather lines... though I donít think Iíll ever see water over my headlights...

    Another thing... some claim that they are the only true cold air intake since your getting the air from outside the hood which in Jeep standards gives you a slight performance boost... 🤣 slight lol

    Curious on thoughts

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    JK snorkel thoughts?

    Ok let's start with the last statement. Cold air intake.. Until you put a turbo on, a cold air intake doesn't do anything. I put on a aEV cold air intake and just like people told me the PCM relearned it and mpg went back to normal.
    Now as a snorkel.. It's some of a look and some function. If I was doing water crossings I'd rather the snorkel than a hydro locked engine.

    Also if you are doing water crossings you might want to put a switch on your E-fan. They can be pulled into the radiator and cause damage.


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    Re: JK snorkel thoughts?

    ...not to mention adding a snorkel for the tailpipe as well for fording. As our M151's when I was in the Marines.
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