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    Lost Jeep

    Well I think I just lost my jeep.
    Son took an interest (finally) and asked to learn how to drive a manual transmission. 2-3 test drives and loves it.
    I watched him back it out of the drive for his maiden voyage after buttoning up the water pump. He helped with all the latest repairs.

    I don't know if I'll get to drive it again.

    If seen on or off the road post up. I'm missing my baby already. I'm sure my son will take good care if her.

    New lift going on next.


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    Re: Lost Jeep

    That may just be what Jeeps are for. I got my son hooked as well and he is on his second Jeep Cherokee was great to get my TJ back!

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    Re: Lost Jeep

    Took my family to offroad day at the local shop (small course in the back). My son (9) loved it, while my daughter (6) screamed NO NO NO NO NO the whole time.
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