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    Somebody help the new guy

    I'm new to the jeep world. Not sure how to tell what tranny or transfer case I have. 72 cj5 with 304 and a 3spd.
    need a new clutch but not sure what to buy. Dude at Quadratec tells me a certain part number "should" fit my
    application. anyone???

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    Somebody help the new guy

    Quadratec is a reputable company. I do believe they would stand behind their recommendations and correct any mistake. What make and pn did they tell you?
    LUK makes a good clutch
    Center-force has been around a long time making racing clutches.

    Any pictures of the trans and engine will help validate what you need.

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    Re: Somebody help the new guy

    You should crawl under the Jeep and look at the tags that are on the tranny and 'T case for a real answer. You don't know if anything has been changed from stock on such an old Jeep. Also, you can get a better idea of the shape it's in.

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