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    What’s the trick for putting a new u- joint in a CJ front axle?

    Jeep axle

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    Re: What’s the trick for putting a new u- joint in a CJ front axle?

    Have you already removed the old ujoint, and just trying to get the new one in?

    Here's the overview:

    • Clean up the holes / ears where the ujoint will go. You'll want to remove any extra grease, etc.
    • Remove two caps from the new ujoint (opposite ends). Put some extra grease in the caps to try and keep the needle bearings in place
    • Carefully slide the new ujoint into place, trying not to get the exposed ends dirty.
    • push the caps on from the outside and tap them into place.
    • Put one snap ring into place, then tap the other end until it's tight.
    • if you can't get the second snap ring in place (as in the cap won't tap down any more), you've likely had some needle bearings fall over. You'll have to take the cap off and stand them back up.

    Take a look at this writeup
    https://www.jeepz.com/forum/drivetra...n-rebuild.html (Jeep front driveshaft (CV / dual cardan) rebuild)
    My 2005 Wrangler Build Thread

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