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    Whatís this thingy?

    Like the amateur I am I ****ed something up. What it is I do not know. Maybe you can help me find out. In the process of putting a new transmission in my 95 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L I was at a standstill when coming across the front left head bolt on the bell housing, to the engine block. Taking it off was not easy as it was seemingly torqued down past factory spec and in a very difficult place to get to as the firewall was directly above it leaving no room for a ratchet. I adopted a method of using 2 large wrenches as a breaker bar since I nearly broke my 18 inch breaker bar trying to get this bolt off (cheap ass breaker bar) anywho, it will not start... it ran for a little bit and for a minute after it kept stalling and starting back up after giving it a minute id come to the conclusion it was heat related, wrong, I checked for spark, no spark, I rebuilt the ECM, i replaced the distributor rotor button and cap, as well as the cam and crankshaft sensor. The crankshaft sensor was probably bad because after putting a new one in it seemed to start but inevitably stall again. There is a ribbon wire coming from the valve cover bolt to the under side of my hood. I believe in the process of taking the tranny bolt off with the backyard mechanic method I used, I damaged this wire. Does anyone have any ideas. I know my jeep does not have an engine to firewall ground besides this ribbon wire, would not having an engine to firewall ground wire working cause a no spark issue? Iím banging my head over this because Iím at a loss and do not know what to do

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    Whatís this thingy?

    Post a pic of the wire.

    Typically you should have a battery to firewall and firewall to hood. Then battery to engine ground.
    On the positive terminal power to the starter and power to the fuse blocks.


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