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    Locking Gas Cap

    Looking to purchase a locking gas cap for my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. It seems there's problems with these caps not fitting properly and causing a warning light to come on. I'd like to make my gas tank secure from vandals. Would appreciate any purchasing suggestions. Thanks

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    Locking Gas Cap

    Stick to a regular $5 cap and install a locking door like this. All caps are plastic and can be broken off easily locking or not. Attachment 23829

    Locking Gas Cap-img_0923.jpg


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    Re: Locking Gas Cap

    Been running the STANT locking gas cap for several years with no issues to report. The small investment of either the locking door or locking cap provides some peace of mind. These locking parts may deter stupid vandalism or at least let you know tampering has occurred.

    ***My JK came with the non-locking Mopar door and the biggest positive is keeping mud or snow OFF the gas filler neck! Check out the aftermarket doors on ebay, etc

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