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    well, i have been wheelin a subaru for a year now and i am looking to move up in the world (IE: straight axles) my friend was recently driving my daily (a nissan sentra) and totalled it! so i am gonna get probably around 1500 for that then i could sell my sube for another 1500 so lets just say i have about 3 grand to play with, i want to get a decent jeep that will last me awhile doesnt have to be super nice, it will be my daily for a year or two after taht i will get another car and turn the jeep into a full time wheeler, i will probably slowly build the jeep until then, the main things i see doing are better axles, 4-6 inch lift with some kind of extended travel, bigger wheels tires all that stuff..... but thats all in the future the question i have for NOW is ... what kinda jeep should i be looking for? am i insane for only thinking i can spend 3k? any help comments or anyhting would be apreciated

    -jeremy (in seattle)[addsig]

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    Welcome to the world of Jeeps! $3000 might get you a decent, running CJ-7. Sure, the body won't be too pretty, but you should be able to find something fairly mechanically sound for $3000. Just be patient in your search, check the frame, floors, axle housings, etc very thoroughly, and you should do alright. And if you need parts, give me a holler. I have access to a lot of hard to find parts that the major Jeep retailers don't have. Hope this helps.


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    yeah, i'm kinda in the same boat.

    I'm a bit of a newbie and i'm lookin at either a CJ-7 or a YJ and i don't really know where to start as far as researching the two vehicles.

    I've seen that there are lots of mods and engine swap projects for the CJ-7 so i think thats probably where i'm going to start.

    If anybody can recommend some good sites where i can get information on the CJ-7 and th YJ so i can start figuring out which one to buy, it would be most appreciated.

    What i'm looking for is a good winter "beater" that i can also use as a project car for building up/restoring.[addsig]
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    I have never been to Seattle but I am sure you could find a CJ/YJ in your price range, but what about the XJ? I know it might be blasphemous to the open top crowd, but over here in the southeastern part of the country, you can find lots of XJ's with decent mileage and they are many years newer than CJ's for the same cost. Here, many of the CJ's are already modified and/or rusted out. I went the CJ path, but I spent about 2 years looking for the one I wanted. Just a thought.[addsig]

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