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    Checked my engine coolant level today and it's a bit low. Picked up some Dex antifreeze at the parts store because it's for Daimler Chrysler vehicles 2001 and newer. The owners manual says to mix it with 50% water and use distilled or deionized water. Does anyone really do this?

    Also, is it just me or is $26 outrageous for an air filter? The K&N replacement is only $52. Seems to me that I ought to buy that one and it will pay for itself in 2 changes.
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    antifreeze help

    Yes to the anti freeze...I do use de-ionized water since tap water containes clorines and calciums that over time will clog up the works..a nice 2.5 gals of water only costs 1.52$ at the super market and saves you the cost of water pump ect ect...
    As to the K&N air filter.. do factor in the cleaning kit for 10-15$ as well and you now have a life time air filter...well worth the cost and better performance...was told that you get up too 15HP by just installing it.

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