I apologize in advance if this isn't an appropriate place to post this. I'm trying my best to get the word out everywhere.

My jeep was stolen Sunday morning from the Wal Mart parking lot in Parker. The link below contains some pics that I submitted to 7 news. They were taken last year (except for the one with the windshield down), but the only thing that has changed is the top and windshield are down and the defroster isn't on it anymore. I have told the police already but if anyone sees it please call me at 720-289-8547 and I will relay to the police detective on my case. There were two kids late teens to early twenties that could be seen by me in the video. They had a late model Dodge or Ford 4 door silver truck.

Has "war buggy" stenciled on one side, and "od honey" stenciled on the other. Serial number on frame and engine is 12977 and serial on data plate is mb303580. Has weld repair on the support bar for the tandem tow, tp 35 is stenciled under the light switch.

So far 7 news has been running the story WWII-Era Jeep Stolen From Walmart - Denver News Story - KMGH Denver and fox 31 is trying to get the video from the police and run the story as well. If you could get me get the word out more I would appreciate it. I have been posting on lots of forums but word of mouth helps as well.