Hello Colorado Jeepers! Any Springs users? Im looking for more places like the Springs Mt Baldy area, to take a factory 19 KL Trailhawk until I can get it modded up.

We are tentatively calling the new KL gal: Hugh Moore, pronounced Humor. Some obligatory pics for the Colorado users:

The Mt Baldy area has loads of easy to hard trails, scenic drives, hills and rocks to climb, a couple of decent but small mudholes, a few shallow creeks to get wet in, and loads of open shooting areas with fantastic dirt on rock backstops to shoot against:

So its a great one stop shop for lots of Jeeping stuff, but not specialized, for example, wheres a better mud hole near the Springs? What about creeks & water fording or rock climbing trails?

I hope theres still a Springs user base around! Look forward to seeing you on the trails!

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