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    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change

    Installing larger tires on your Jeep will give you a few problems to overcome, including an incorrect speedometer. On a stock Jeep, the speedometer knows that when the tires turn one revolution you have gone so far, but when you put larger tires on, the speedometer still thinks that one revolution of the tire takes you the same distance.

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-tire-travel.jpg

    This will cause your speedometer to display a speed slower than what you are going, to underreport your miles traveled, and may cause your computer / automatic transmission to shift at less than optimal times.
    Luckily, it's easy to correct this on most Jeeps (Rubicon models will most likely need an electronic upgrade from the dealer). All you need to do is install a new speedometer gear in your transfer case. This gear will have a different number of teeth than your stock gear – the number of teeth on the new gear is determined by the size of your tires. In my case I installed 33 inch tires on my 2005 Wrangler TJ, so I needed a new 31 tooth speedometer gear. I picked one up at Quadratec for $40 (the gear looks like it should cost $4, but $40 is the cheapest I could find).

    This new gear covers the following Jeeps:

    • 93-01 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
    • 93-98 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ)
    • 97-06 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)
    • 93-95 Jeep Wrangler (YJ)
    • 04-06 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (TJ)

    Here is what the new gear looks like:

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-1-jeep-wrangler-speedometer-gear.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-2-tj-speedo-gear.jpg

    To install the new gear, first find your existing speedometer gear. It's near your rear driveshaft, where it goes into your transfer case. You'll see a wire going into it.

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-3-stock-wrangler-speedo.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-4-wrangler-speedometer.jpg

    The speedometer is held in by one bolt, so just unbolt it and pull the speedometer out. Some oil may come out with the gear, so have a drop cloth / bucket under it, and protect your eyes.

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-5-unbolting-wrangler-speedo.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-6-speedo-ready-come-out.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-7-jeep-speedo-removed.jpg

    This is the old speedometer gear (red) next to the new speedo gear (green).

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-8-compair-speedo-gears.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-9-wrangler-speedo-gear-old-vs-new.jpg

    When replacing the new speedometer gear, you have to make sure that it's pressed up against the teeth inside the transfer case. The way this is done is by rotating the housing until it's in the proper alignment. Once you get everything in the correct position, replace the single bolt.

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-10-new-gear-ready-install.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-11-new-gear-installed.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-12-jeep-speedo-replaced.jpg

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-13-wrangler-speedo-replaced.jpg

    Notice the different position of the old vs new speedometers

    Jeep Speedometer Gear Change-speedo-old-vs-new-position.jpg

    That's it! You should be able to hop in your jeep and have the speedometer work perfectly. In my case, I didn't rotate the speedo on my first try, and when I drove the Jeep, my speedometer didn't work at all. I simply loosened the bolt and rotated it by hand until I felt the gears mesh, then I was good to go.
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    Re: Jeep Speedometer Gear Change

    Nice article and great pictures to illustrate!

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    Wow thanks didn't know how to do this! And I didnt know how easy it was either! Great article thanks man!

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    Re: Jeep Speedometer Gear Change

    this was really great to know cuz my speedometer doesn't work so im thinking mine is out and needs changing

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    Re: Jeep Speedometer Gear Change

    Important. There are markings on the case at 6 o'clock to match the various positions to set the gear at based on the number of teeth on the gear. I believe above the marking is the range of teeth that mark is to be used. If you are going by feel then you will likely wear the gear out from it being engaged too far.
    Retighten to 90-110 in lb torque.

    Good picks and direction otherwise.
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