1. IJC Winter snowcross in Kalam January 2016

    Alhamdulillah, team IJC is back safely from Kalam after the annual snow cross trip!

    19 vehicles with 40particpants joined on this chilling trip!

    By Ahzaaz...

    " Alhamdoulillah once again IJC and team has produced an extraordinary snow cross event. By the grace of Almighty Allah every one came back home safely, though few minor incident took place but it didn't effect the event never mind its part of the game.

    Thanks to MITSU_MAN (Maj. Usman Bhai) coming all the way from Karachi to participate in the event.

    The real adventure started when it was decided that Usman Umarzai will take his FJ on the mighty glacier to conquer it.

    It was great team effort to recover Usman Bhai's FJ from the glaciare, real test for everyone's nerves, especially Usman Bhai was very cool at his heart and didn't get nervous.

    Thanks a lot Shababa Bhai & MITSU_MAN for admiring me on my driving skills. It was really an honor for me, those words from the Rally Champs are golden for me.

    Everything went exceptionally very well, all the friends, the shughal mela, the gupshup and especially not to forget the food (Thanks to Jumma Khan) for making our dinners so special.

    Well the story will be explained by NN sir in his own way. I was alone in my Jero so took very few pictures, will start sharing now.

    Long Live IJC "

    By Docnn

    "IJC snow cross has been a regular annual event since 2008. In the last few years the snowfalls have started becoming later n later in season. This lead to dates issue with our another annual event Cholistan rally, with only a week in between the two, many people would be unable to attend one or the other. This year we decided to go much earlier for the snowcross, with the aim, if the snow doesn’t find us, we will find the snow!

    As usual, preps started for freezing cold temps. And the preps were definitely needed, as we encountered upto -8 degree centigrade in Kalam during night time. Infact while in Kalam, even at 9:30am, the car was showing -3 degrees………….and this was with clear sun shine!

    Our group eventually grew to 40 people! As NPP was undergoing some work at workshop, I decided to sit in with Shabab in his Tundra for the trip. On D-Day, meeting point was usual motorway toll plaza, people started to gather slowly. There was plenty fog even at 9am when we eventually started rolling. Progress was steady. First tea stop was just off the Nowshehra Mardan toll plaza. It was dark dull cloudy n freezing temps, so the hot doodh patti with home made yummy sandwiches (courtesy Usman Umarzai) were thoroughly enjoyed by all. There the 3 vehicle group coming from Peshawar also joined us and proceeded onwards towards our destination in Kalam. With so many vehicles the progress was rather slow in traffic. We had a Juma break and than a late lunch break on the way. The weather remained clear n crisp. The last 30 odd km to Kalam is completely offroad track, which takes good time to cover. Eventually we all made it Kalam after 7pm.

    The stay was at Greens Hotel, where Juma Khan had started the food business as soon as he got there. First night was his legendary Mutton BBQ, everyone stuffed themselves, Food was followed by hot tea, gupshup and just chilling in the snow covered garden around a lovely bonfire. The chit chat went on till well past midnight, before eventually people gradually started disappearing to their rooms! It was almost 2am before the last few of us retired for the night.

    Next morning, we had relatively early breakfast at 8:30 am. The beautiful snow covered mountains provided the most serene view in clear crisp sun-shine. Most vehicle had lovely icicles hanging underneath due to below freezing temps. First stop was the large snow covered play ground before the Kalam Pine Forest. There everyone had crazy fun snow bashing, sliding n drifting their vehicles to their hearts content. I don’t know how much of it was captured by anyone on vdo!

    Then it was onwards towards Maodand Lake! Initially there wasn’t much snow, but gradually it became more n more, deeper n deeper. Driving had to be careful as the car would slide very easily ploughing into the sides. Many were stuck briefly. Eventually we came across a large glacier / landslide blocking the road to Maodand! It was too steep and long. We carefully assessed it……………with mixed opinions, it was deliberated for some time. And eventually we decided to have a go at crossing it. Obviously plenty digging was involved to make it passable safely. Everyone pitched in. It was hard work in freezing temps. The vehicle chosen to make the pass was Usman’s FJ40 with 35” MTs and snow chains! It was Usman’s first time, in such difficult n different terrain. But Mashaallah he handled it well and the glacier was crossed successfully.

    Then second round of deliberations started on how to go about for the return crossing over the glacier as it was much steeper from other side and with side ways slope. Also, by that time sun had gone behind the high mountains, so it was well below freezing and started becoming icy and much more slippery. The return pass proved very challenging indeed and took lot of time, skill, coordinations, teamspirit digging, winching, pulling n all. And for that we are very thankful for all the gang who put in lot of effort. Usman’s courage n calmness was also commendable. The jubilation n excitement of successful effort was truly worth it!

    Everyone was knackered by the end, and we started our return journey, the snow track had compacted a lot under our vehicles and started becoming very icy as temps plundered down further close to sunset time! Driving was tricky indeed and we had several minor off track excursions, but nothing with damage apart from Nomi’s bumper scrap with a tree. We all made it back safely to our hotel after dark.

    Dinner time, and Juma khan was back in action. We all gather round fire in the Garden while Juma Khans “Special Rosh” was being prepared. After a long day, and in freezing temps, the Rosh was pounced on by all! Than the usual gupshup around fire with hot tea went on till late.

    The next morning after breakfast everyone packed up for the return journey. The usual convoy chitchat on radios went on through out. We had some lovely chappal kebab lunch at Batkhela. As evening approached the fog started setting in. We got to motorway, the fog was quite dense and at times we could hardly maintain 60kmph. Gradually things improved and after halfway on M1, it was nice n clear and we all pushed through for home.

    Eternally thankful to Almighty for all the blessing and bringing us back safely. Also for granting us this wonderful opportunities to explore our beautiful country. Special mention of Juma Khan is needed, who almost single handedly made both our dinners exceptional. Many thnx to Mitsuman, who joined us once again all the way from Karachi for our trips. I am sure he had great time with us. Obviously the Mitsu Toyota banter continued through-out! Once again many thnx to all our friends for their wonderful company on this lovely trip and made it very special.

    See u all at Cholistan Rally! "
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    Re: IJC Winter snowcross in Kalam January 2016

    Welcome back aamir ! Always good to hear from you and your photos of your adventure are outstanding ! Vey happy to hear that all is well and that all of your club well and safely home with their families . I am used to the word " alhamdulilah " since a co-worker and friend is a native of Pakistan. His name is mr. Qasim . Hope I'm spelling his name right . It basically states that it is Gods will . Yes , it is Gods will that all of the members of your club have come home safe . The story is very exciting as it is terrifying to cross ice with the nerves of steel that you and your members have shown to conquer such a difficult trek. The terrain in the winter combined with the extreme frigid temperatures have no doubt been a testament to a mans quest to test his machine to the ultimate challenge to it he very limits of man and machine. Once again , it is good to hear from you happy that the journey was enjoyable and successful . Thank you for sharing your adventure with us . You guys are hard core jeepers !
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    Actually I was waiting for ur comment. It
    is always very good to read your encouraging comments on almost all my threads

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    Hey Bro, thanks a lot for the pics on your adventure. It was so cool for me to see pics of your part of the world , God bless.
    Needs to go yonder.

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    Re: IJC Winter snowcross in Kalam January 2016

    I love those old FJs. That trip looks like alot of fun.
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